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Claire is about to get married and she goes to Las Vegas with her sister and two friends for her bachelorette party. Things quickly spiral out of control. view Best Night Ever on imdb view Best Night Ever on wikipedia




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Review 1:

"One day you'll watch this and thank me for filming your last night of freedom." Claire (Hall) is getting married and her sister and friends are throwing her a bachelorette party in Vegas. The plans are all laid out and everything is going to plan...until they go to check into their hotel. Things go from bad to worse very fast. Between stolen credit cards, bad hotel rooms, being kicked out of a strip club and a drug deal gone bad the four friends are experiencing a night none of them will ever forget. I will start by saying first that I was not a fan of Bridesmaids. I thought it was too girly and I know most guys feel the same. I was expecting a film along the lines of that so I wasn't all that excited about this. Seeing that this was another found footage film made me even more skeptical. Watching it though changed my mind. This is nothing amazing but it was funny all the way through and in some places it goes farther then Bridesmaids did. This will probably be funnier to women but I liked it more then I expected. Overall, funnier then I thought and surprisingly worth seeing if you just want to watch a low budget fun ride. I surprisingly give this a B.

Review 2:

When is Hollywood going to realize that five things are necessary in good cinema: great camera transitions and camera work, a good soundtrack,interesting sets,a convincing premise-one that enables you to suspend disbelief, and good acting. A camera artist can suggest someone making love by a slow pan to a window sill,can change sets by panning to a tree. Camera work is an art and one that I especially enjoy in film entertainment. It's time to throw the young turks with their belief that you can make good cinema with a handcam out on their ears. Good camera transitions have identified good cinema since.....Citizen Kane. And even light romcoms benefit from good camera work.

A good soundtrack establishes how you FEEL during the scenes and are especially important to the finale of the film. Interesting sets can make the dullest film more enjoyable. And a good premise combined with good acting can enable you to suspend disbelief in the wackiest films- can make you believe in elves and dragons for a short time. Just saying-throw the handcam away....or give it to a family with a kid and get back to REAL cinema where the sum of each artists work is revealed in the whole.Anyone that makes films any other way is wasting their time and yours.

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