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A beautiful spirited horse is so devoted to his young mistress that he undertakes an incredible 500-mile journey over treacherous terrain to be reunited with her. view Gypsy Colt on imdb view Gypsy Colt on wikipedia

Lassie comes home (again) but this time as a horse. Eric Knight shouldn't have to had break a sweat writing this "original" with the only difference in the basic plot line (from "Lassie Comes Home") being that a horse, rather than a dog, has to make the arduous journey back to it's young master (a girl rather than a boy) and a locale change from England to the American West. It begins in a drought-stricken region where Frank and Em MacWade dread to tell their young daughter, Meg, that her beloved colt Gypsy has been sold, for financial reasons, as a potential race horse. The horse breaks away from its new owner twice, and is admonished by Meg each time, before the horse is transported 500 miles away to a race track. But Gypsy escapes again and begins his 500-mile trek back to his young mistress. On his trek back, he has encounters with a group of cowboys, a gang of wild motorcyclists and a young Mexican boy, in addition to the terrain problems. Gypsy one-ups Lassie as he also brings a... Written byLes Adams



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I thought the horse looked awful familiar! I was also a "Fury" freak as a kid. "Beaut" was a gorgeous horse. He seemed to fill out quite a bit by the time he was in "Fury." Beaut was one of the talented animal actors I can recall. In some ways, his range was quite similar to the Lassies who have been with us over the years. The one scene were he was "obvious" was in the desert as he staggered along and finally dropped. A bit of the ham, there!! The theme of the youngster being able to relate to a horse in a special way was reinforced by the interaction between the young boy who found Gypsy in the desert. Like the young girl, the boy also felt that Gypsy shouldn't be sold to adults who didn't value him, which lead him to set Gypsy free. Seeing the young Cocoran was interesting. I recall seeing her as a teenager in some films. Her brother Kevin played in quite a few Disney films, as I recall.

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good, clean family film. the horse (and whoever its trainers were) is the star of this show. exceptionally beautiful animal and great scenes with smart tricks make this a worthwhile view for any horse lover. - also recommended is bing crosby's "riding high" for an equally great horse performance. (bing's great too)

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