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In 1957, black lawyer John Williams has to defend his nephew Charlie, who is accused of strangling a white boy to death. John doesn't believe Charlie did it, and although Charlie confesses,... See full summary » view Blind Faith on imdb view Blind Faith on wikipedia

In 1957, black lawyer John Williams has to defend his nephew Charlie, who is accused of strangling a white boy to death. John doesn't believe Charlie did it, and although Charlie confesses, John wants to find out the real truth. Written byAnonymous



IMDb Review 1:

Blind Faith torrent.

I imagine that Blind Faith was blocked from mass circulation. It's not because it was made for TV or bad acting, directing or film-making. It may have been blocked due to its highly charged content. It says that black family members choose to relate to white world in different ways that may generate conflict within our families. How this theme was handled by writer, Frank Military, and director, Ernest R. Dickerson reveals a side of black life too incendiary to be popularized.

The title refers to how some blacks so believe in white definitions of what's good, pure and noble that we strive for that to our own detriment. Few films explore this theme and this one does so in ways that threatens global racial hegemony. How would blacks change if they could see themselves divided by racial sentiments derived from hegemonic white culture? Many would not be comfortable with such change.

An eighteen year old youth is charged with murdering a white youth. One presumes racial injustice will emerge but the story takes a different turn. Initially produced for Showtime television, it enjoyed a limited theatrical run in 1998, but no one I know has ever heard of Blind Faith. Still, it impressively was nominated for several Independent Spirit Awards and should have won many, but such films rarely win awards. I may not have seen it had I not been flipping cable TV channels, and landed on the Sundance station. Oh, what a lucky flip that was!

Dramatic acting and directing are superb, despite a made-for-TV format stamping its sketchily structured mark on this film. An intimate black cultural presence is evoked through well selected casting with portrayals by some of America's best and most popular actors like Charles Dutton, Lonette McKee, Kadeem Hardison, and featuring Courtney B. Vance, as defense attorney and narrator, who recently appears with Denzel Washington in The Preacher' s Wife. There are great performances by Joel Gordon and Garland Whitt who play the most controversial roles. Notable were highly credible European American roles played by Dan Lett, Aron Tager, Shawn Lawrence and Peter MacNeill. Add to this volatile mix the savvy subtly of a director like Dickerson. He's paid his cinematic dues with John Sayles on The Brother From Another Planet and with Spike Lee on six of his projects including Malcolm X. Such hot cultural credentials would have drawn a huge black audience had the film been properly promoted and distributed.

The trial of Charles Williams Jr. occurs during the fight for black liberty prior to the Civil Rights movement when our only hope was the diligent genius of a few black lawyers. Black men were supposed to know their place or pay the penalty of death for actual or imagined crimes against whites. One anticipates the usual lynching, but is stunned as the plot reveals why a black boy and his people face a murder charge. Less about the boy's trial and more about three brothers, one of whom, Charles Williams (Charles Dutton), is the boy's father, the central focus of racially gendered tension is established between the boy's father and uncle who is his lawyer. Both the tension and action emanating from estranged brothers throws them into a conflict that opens wounds, thereby offering a chance at reunion and redemption. Will an opportune healing be achieved?

The film's answer is not revealed. Many will shudder at its capacity to demonstrate how black men can succeed and fail in their racially plagued quest for humanity when white world robs them daily of their masculine self-esteem. For that reason alone, the loss of this film to the masses is a great one and one needs no conspiracy theory to explain how films like this, and similar ones, like Sankofa, by Haile Gerima, routinely are not selected for mass circulation. This happens because blacks may now enjoy access to the media, but ultimately, whitened people almost unilaterally decide what will be circulated and promoted. (See my essay, No Black Public Sphere in White Public Space, Transforming Anthropology. 8(1&2): 111-128).

Among those who overlooked it, Blind Faith may have been too blatantly honest about the harsh effect of racism on black families or too clear about the racism-driven rise of homophobia in the black community. Black responses to sexual minorities typically are formulated on the white side and in anti-black terms: being a sexual minority in the heterosexual black community is often seen as undermining black struggles against racism. Despite the incredible work of Marlon Riggs whose last film, Black Is...Black Ain't explored how black sexual and gender minorities are grounded in black cultural idioms and commitment, and yet even among those who love them most, such blacks generally are considered to be shamefully and dangerously playing into the white man's hands.

Another theme is that despite success, a black man's achievement of whiteness can be impugned by his association with so-called deviants. But the film does not stop there; it crashes forward by questioning black masculinity. The triumph of love among black men secures no victory over evil, however. Evil is not displaced onto whites, most who behave as friends or allies in this film. Evil is located within the black family and operates within self-denigrating spaces mapped out by the failure of black love and affiliation. But locating evil in black families is not done to blame the victim. Rather, it makes us reflect on our taken for granted embodiment of racism. We are compelled to notice how we aim to change ourselves in vain efforts to live as whites would have us to live. Accommodating the imposed standards of whiteness in ways preferable to European Americans is often not accomplished without paying the price of one's soul. Exploration of evil is accomplished without anyone standing on a soap-box. Blind Faith's dramatic quality, passionate intensity and analytical depth reminds me of a comparable film: Karim Ainouz's Madame Satã (2002), another 'must see.'

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IMDb Review 2:

Blind Faith torrent.

In a way, it is easy to see why a film like Blind Faith was lost in the shuffle; a period piece with an all Black cast that deals with racism. On the other hand, it's hard to imagine why no one has heard of a film this good. It was directed by Ernest Dickerson, long time cinematographer for Spike Lee, and it stars recognizable names, Charles S. Dutton, Courtney B. Vance, Kadeem Hardison and Lonette McKee.

The film was produced for Showtime television, had a very limited theatrical run in 1998 and was nominated for several Independent Spirit Awards. I didn't see the film until 1999, when it played at a Film Festival in St. Louis. When I read the cast list and saw who directed it, my jaw dropped. How had this film escaped my radar? I was even further shocked when I saw it. It is (along with Being John Malkovich and Boys Don't Cry) one of the three best films I've seen in 1999 and one of the most powerful films I've seen since Uli Edel's Last Exit to Brooklyn, ten years ago.

The film is the story of a young Black boy named Charles Jr., a cop's son, accused of murdering a young white boy in civil rights era New York City. He confesses to the crime and refuses to do anything in his own defense, which his uncle John, who is also his lawyer, can't understand. The boy has no history of violence or crime and was basically a quiet unassuming kid.In spite of the lack of cooperation from Charles Jr., John mounts a defense, even though the prosecution seems to have an open and shut case and is pushing for the death penalty. To give away more would be as big a crime as revealing the plot twists at the climax of The Sixth Sense or Fight Club.

What makes this film so great is its subtlety and its realism. The Black characters are not saints and the white characters are not demons. Movies like this tend to sacrifice their power to sentimentality by making the minority characters into martyrs and heroes that are beyond reproach. Also, this film makes us like the white characters, so that when their racism finally shows, it is all the more shocking.Frank Military's script pulls off the difficult task of making us care about a story we think we've seen before, and then lets us know that we haven't seen it before. This film is so much more powerful than preachy, Hollywood stuff, like Ghosts of Mississippi, that it eclipses those films completely. This is a hard hitting story of race and justice that all Americans need to see.

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IMDb Review 3:

Blind Faith torrent.

I saw this film today never having heard about it before. What a gift to have found it. That being said, I decided to look up some additional info about it's background and cast. I came across this message board and felt compelled to comment.

While this is on the surface a racial, sexual orientation, legal drama I found it to be much more universal than that. I am a married white heterosexual woman and the theme that I came away with is how destructive negativity and hatred are and how beautiful love and acceptance can be on every level. Negativity and hatred affect us all from a soul level right to our global community. While love and positivity has the opposite profound ability to bring warmth and light into our lives.

I was so moved by the end of the film and the narrators last words about living a life dedicated to change. After the recent loss of my own son I too now live a life full of purpose. That purpose being to bring about a change of love and positivity to my own life and those within the greater community. Change on the grand scale is a slow process because belief comes from experience and patience is a requirement. But,once one feels the effects of such a change it is our greatest desire to highlight and make obvious the powers of love, acceptance and positive action for each and every soul on our planet regardless of our differences.

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