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Good Shepherd College nerd, complete with eye-glasses and braces, Agastya Rao alias Champu, has a crush on Piya Goel, and is thrilled when she invites him to go to a dance, only to be ... See full summary » view Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... Again on imdb view Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... Again on wikipedia

Good Shepherd College nerd, complete with eye-glasses and braces, Agastya Rao alias Champu, has a crush on Piya Goel, and is thrilled when she invites him to go to a dance, only to be heart-broken when he finds out that she really digs another guy. Years later, Agastya has graduated, re-located to the U.S. where he is an astronaut with NASA, and when he finds out that his college sweetheart is about to divorce her husband, decides to try his hand at wooing her. He gets the unsolicited help of one-time Bollywood wonder Suhaan Kapoor, who accompanies Agastya to New York, assists him in successfully wooing and proposing to Piya. On the night of their engagement, Agastya will find out that Suhaan only wanted to help him because of Section 25 of the Hindu Marriage Act - so that could relieve him of the financial burden of paying alimony to Piya, who was the girl he had secretly married much against the wishes of the entire Goel clan. Watch what happens when Suhaan finds out that he has a ... Written byrAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)



IMDb Review 1:

Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... Again torrent.

This is a story that grows into a story which makes you want to know what happens next as next scene is generated from the former but also portrayed as present.

Shrish did a great job with this new innovation that it excelled. The music was fabulous and it follows in sequence according to the next picture..

The Introduction was OK with Akshay and the blondie chatting introductingly about the next character (Suhaan) to be shown.

I wouldn't say the film was slow-paced from the beginning but rather would accept all the introductory aspect which shows you the theme of the film. The film went through all phases of emotions: from hilarious, to seriousness to sadness and pity and at the end joy...its amazing!

The clause of it is just that the second part where the climax appeared was more peaked than the first part, but otherwise the scenes were shown in succession linking to the next without breaking.

The way the three of the stars portrayed their character was good although not so much was given to 'Preity', but she excelled in the few she did and she really looked beautiful. Lots of chemistry between the stars. It was great..

Akshay was really good, he amazed me with his character that depicts a good actor in every sense; and his chemistry with Salman is just too bonding..

Anupam didn't have much to his credit, although he played his character well.

Now Salman. He was the brilliance in this film. He was the one string that pulled the emotions in this film to the surface, all with his diversity..

Even before the climax, as he was mentoring Agastya on how to woo Piya, you begin to pity his helplessness that turned him into a conman. And then you want know how its going to end, you want to know who gets the girl afterwards and everything Suhaan's been through irrespective of being Piya's ex-.

The climax is so moving and Salman really drove home the message that you cant help but have a tear in your eyes; His character shows someone who is on the verge of losing what he most wanted but didn't know how to stop it. He was awesome!-

The song 'sau dard hein' was too much to handle with the emotion going on with it and Salman did great justice to it, all the other songs were great too but this particular one superceeds the rest (my opininon).

Overall the film is worth a watch again after the first watch..

Those who feel its not worthy, should watch it with unguarded heart- and feel what i am talking about, because it is a realistic story that can happen to anybody with feelings(Erase the comic aspect of it and see through the real occurrences)...

Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... Again torrent.

IMDb Review 2:

Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... Again torrent.

This film is another extension of series of film made or to be made in bollywood on love triangle. The story line is old but successful.what i like about the film is the treatment of the roles and its usefulness in the story. Firtstly i must congrats sallu miya for his another outstanding role in this film .the role may shut the mouth of his critics who believe he is not actor.In nutshell he has justified the role as a rock star, as a die-hard lover and benevolent human being. his partner akshay though Short in role has done his job and made the film Worth watching Priety Zinta not very attracting may her age has coming to her role as young lady she is good at dialog delivery,good at acting and overall justify the role Anupam Kher a legend in acting is amazing this film is a work of romance go for it its good bye vinod

Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... Again torrent.

IMDb Review 3:

Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... Again torrent.

Jaanemann the best film to complement this year's string of releases of the comedy film Lage Raho Munnabhai, the emotional drama KANK, and the action flick Don. While almost all Hindi films are on the musical side with plenty of dance and songs regardless of the relevancy to the films, Jaanemann is the only Bollywood musical executed the Broadway style.

The cinematography has been creatively used to reflect story and development of the characters. Salman has been written off by the media continuously and each time he is back with a bang! Salman is definitely not a rock star, but a superstar! Nevertheless Akshay is never overshadowed, his character is a pioneer of such geeky personality in recent times. Preity, as always, is cute, and Anupam is so hilarious you keep asking for more! One does wonder how Salman has suddenly grown a full head of hair while Anupam's wig hairline is pretty obvious, but hey thats besides the point.

The unconventional lyrics are explained by the way the story unfolds. The songs are hummable, and dances feature plenty of beautiful phirangi girls, fortunately this time they are well clothed, a rare departure from the usual half clad babes. This film is not for the critics, but for the light-hearted seeking for a feel good experience.

Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... Again torrent.


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