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2005 Chatrapathi Torrent Download Online

★ 7.6 (813 votes)
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Displaced Sri Lankas in a Vizag port are ruled by a local rowdy. This is the story of Chatrapati Sivaji who overcomes this oppression and how he reunites with his long lost mother and brother. view Chatrapathi on imdb view Chatrapathi on wikipedia

Sivaji is a young kid from Sri Lanka who's family consisting of a mother and brother Ashok is uprooted from their community in Sri Lanka ends up in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. There they are unjustly forced into work by a local mob boss named Baji Rao who forces them to work in transportation of illegal goods. Their lives are in constant hell because of the torture and unfair demands Baji Rao puts on them. Finally unable to bear the injustices by Baji Rao, Sivaji rises and turns into Chatrapati filling in the legend of the original Chatrapati who rose up and led the people against the Mughal emperor Aurangazeb and reunites with his mother. Written byAnonymous



IMDb Review 1:

Chatrapathi torrent.

one word that describes this film is "ENTHRALLING"

The specialist mass director Mr Rajamouli delivers it again.....the first half is too good.....and the scene just before interval is mind blowing good and believe me I have seen this film innumerable times and the scene never fails to induce the goose-flesh till this date.....the dialogs are awesome....shriya too hot....prabhas is good and this film delivered him all the accolades....second half is relatively dull compared to the first and looks a bit stretched but its OK.....

special mention should be made regarding the little guy (shafi)who played younger brother of prabhas....he was too good and the rage that he expressed through his act was simply awesome....he deserved an award for it....

all in all a must watch for all Telugu film fans...

Chatrapathi torrent.


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