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Review 1:

I found this film lacked details of realism. It was obvious they left out details to create suspense, you find yourself asking questions that should have been answered sooner. The what would you do test fails miserably. How anyone could believe that people would behave like the characters in this film is beyond me. The acting and direction was excellent, it's too bad the writers are not of the same calibre. The screen play sucks. I could go on with boring details of the film but I think I summed it up quite well the problem is, this website wants me to write ten lines of tripe to express how I felt about the film I guess I would say that there wasn't enough sex, passion, realism, blah blah blah... I guess if there is nothing else to watch you might watch this film. The lady lives in a secluded area but the neighbour hears a gun shot. I think they ran out of money because the ending was abrupt. The writers again couldn't figure out how to get out of mystery mode as the tables get turned and the prey becomes the predator. Even when there's a gun shot we are taken into the woods away from what happened. Earlier the police are seen questioning a the villain on the street after a traffic stop some thing that would have been done in an interrogation room. Yadda Yadda Yadda do I have ten lines yet?

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