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At an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy teacher challenges his class of twenty graduating seniors to choose which ten of them would take shelter underground and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear apocalypse. view After the Dark on imdb view After the Dark on wikipedia


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Review 1:

i had high hopes for this one and the first 15 minutes were pretty cool and from that on it turned more and more into the most illogical, pretentious, ridiculous crapfest i have ever witnessed. at half the film all i wanted was for it to be over and the only reason i watched it until the end was, because i wanted to know how they would conclude it, but that was a pretty dumb move from my side, because it just turned weirder and dumber and even more silly. afterwards i wished i would have just ended it at the half into film mark and forgot about it, because the conclusion turned out to be even more silly. the basic idea for the story was great, but thy could not make anything worse out of it than this. terrible. insanely terrible.

Review 2:

The beginning is interesting, I would say until the second half. Nothing wildly exciting, has some nice little twist in there but very minimal. It is shot in a dreamy kind of atmosphere. For some completely non-constructive and no where plot related reason the class is in Jakarta (pronounced Yanky style Djakardda) and you can tell this by the teak hardwood furniture and the crickets in the back (duh). The second half is hopeless. All the close ups of clearasil clean faces, island shots, fuzzy broken sunlight and teak furniture (a lot if it) can't disguise the mouth-breathy throaty pouting delivered "philosophy" to be just pretentious romanticism. The ending is a joke. Or maybe it is 'so deep' we all didn't get it. I give it a 5 for the first half.

Review 3:

This film made me extremely angry. Don't get me wrong i'm not some kind of easily agitated, I've seen some real crappy films before and would be like 'meh', but this film managed to get me real angry, like real p%$$3d off! Let me analyse why. From checking out the trailer I've started watching the film with good expectations about a philosophical mystery with interesting twists. It would be too nice to just say that this film did not contain neither mystery, neither twists and neither any philosophy, and calling a few, known-by-all examples of some mind games philosophy is insult to viewers intelligence, but yet again this films existence is insulting to begin with. So OK, film was crap, but so are so many others, why am i angry about this particular one? - It is because it managed to disappoint not once, like it would be normal but dozen times during the course of it. You'd be thinking "OK, OK something interesting is about to happen" and no, nothing, sorry just crap acting and stupid story. Then you might be thinking "Ok maybe not interesting, but something provocative is surely going on here", but no, sorry, same crap. Disappoint. And on and on like this, until the culmination - "This film better have a stunning twist at the end, so it's rating would be somehow justified!" And guess what? THE OPPOSITE HAPPENED! Not just disappointing, the ending was agonizing to watch. To watch as any hope leaves your mind, to begin comprehending how meaningless and stupid the last 90 minutes were - this is real pain. It is truly amazing to me how you could ruin something so much. I've seen films that created astonishing scenarios over a root that seemed irrelevant at start, but I've not seen someone diminishing EVERYTHING he possibly could over a pretty good looking starting point! One last thing - the main actress(not even gonna bother scrolling to see her name) was just soooo bad. That twilight girl is 10/10 in comparison. A freshly cut small tree carried around by set crew would play her role much better.

Don't watch this film!


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