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The first-ever registered encounter by the Mumbai Police, which took place on November 1, 1982. Based on a true story. view Shootout at Wadala on imdb view Shootout at Wadala on wikipedia



IMDb Review 1:

Shootout at Wadala torrent.

Shootout At Lokhandwala (SAL) was so genuine in both the plot & its character portrayal that it has a cult following. I could say the same for Shootout At Wadala (SAW) had it been short, non-monotonous & authentic.

First of all, the makers made a mistake in adapting an already published work. Unlike Hollywood, it hardly works in Bollywood. Secondly, too many characters played spoilsport with the marvelously carved screenplay. Character depth is very shallow, running time is too long, plus the story is clich├ęd. And to fill the gaps, they include not 1, not 2 but 3 item numbers to the audience's horror. With a faux pas in non-linear narration, SAW ends without making mark its predecessor was successful in.

Abraham is great, Kangana is straight outta her "Gangster" role (plus her accent spoils everything), Manoj Bajpai is terrific, Sonu Sood was sleeping all over the film while Anil Kapoor is only a man of his words, with certain supporting cast fooling around. Jackie Shroff was wasted. Tusshar is better than he was in SAL.

Music is good but repetitive, editing is very well done, cinematography is good & the total feel is in parallel to the genre it is based on. But, since the foundation is rickety with same old story (nice guys-bad guys), SAW doesn't live up to the expectations. The negations are high, especially the lack of clever censorship & punchy dialogues.

BOTTOM LINE: SAW is a strict crime film probably worth a watch which depends on personal interests. Some may like it, some may not.

MESSAGE: The illusion that gangsters are born mischievous is wrong.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Profanity: Critical | Sex: Strong | Nudity: Mild | Violence: Infinity | Gore: Very Critical | Alcohol: Strong | Smoking: Mild | Drugs: No | Vulgarity: Strong

Shootout at Wadala torrent.

IMDb Review 2:

Shootout at Wadala torrent.

Shootout at Wadala is just another run-of-the-mill money grab that uses a historic event in the Mumbai crime scene, translating it into an underwhelming "film" or lack there of.

John Abraham is cast as Manya Surve, a well-to-do college student who goes by the books and according to him, does nothing wrong. Cast alongside Abraham as his love interest is Kangana Ranaut as Vidya Joshi.

The tempo is set early with Abraham being the last hope of his mother to establish himself as an honest man earning an honest living. However, Surve's brother, a gangster, is attacked by local thugs and as Surve pulls one of them off, the brother stabs the bandit and thus Surve is held accountable alongside his brother.

After what seems like a brief stay in prison, Surve escapes and begins his life as a new member of the Mumbai underground. Along the way, the story sees Surve undergo a very abrupt and unrealistic development as a character. The so-called nice guy becomes a complete power hungry alpha-male-mentality driven gangster that gets it all and manages to lose it as well.

Now, a Bollywood Action-Thriller would not be complete without some songs and a lot of slow-mo. The Item songs are okay, but they add nothing to the plot of the story. In years past, the songs would at least provide some sort of connection to the overall story. But in today's day and age, it's all about having item songs that showcase gorgeous women in skimpy outfits. Not only that, but this film had a lot of awkward sex scenes. Bollywood has long been known as a very conservative film medium and the various innuendo and straight forward sex scenes in this film just made the viewing very awkward, especially the make supposed lust-filled make-out session between Abraham and Renaut. It also seems as though Indian cinema has become very accustomed to using slow motion and bullet time. It would be bearable if it occurred here and there to emphasize intricate fighting scenes. Unfortunately, a large portion of the minutes in this film are used to show John Abraham running shirtless in slow motion, or to showcase every single hit no matter how weak in really slow motion.

Overall, Shootout at Wadala is a film that could have been done much better, yet falls way too short in terms of plot and character development and fails to really get anything across beyond fighting, cigarettes, sex and lots and LOTS of unnecessary slow motion.

Shootout at Wadala torrent.

IMDb Review 3:

Shootout at Wadala torrent.

SAW starts up with very good performances and a very good screenplay which takes the film to the top of a steep mountain but slowly starts to a downfall from the top as the film reaches its climax and here is my view.

PLOT&PERFORMANCES: film has a very good plot and it is based on true events occurring in Mumbai in early 80's which are been carefully scripted and has been added up with enough spices needed for an Indian screen to attract the masses. The best thing about this film is about the performances and most importantly of John Abraham where he gave his best performance till date and he receives a great support from all other stars like Tushaar Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Manoj and Sonu Sood who gave gem of performances. But very important characters that of Manoj and Sonu Sood has been wasted in the end of the film and if their characters had been utilized well the film would had been more appealing to multiplex viewers. Kangana once again in a routine character adding up to some adult scenes on screen. The item song by Sunny Leone is good enough but the one by Priyanka doesn't add up to the light.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENTS: the applause goes to the director for his very good casting in the film and getting out all the talent from the cast out on the screen and also for a excellent screenplay but he adds up erotic scenes which are not needed for a serious life event based films. Music is not so appealing except for the item song by Sunny and the background score in few areas.

ANALYSIS: the film is really good regarding the plot and the cast performances but the director didn't maintained this inclination in the whole film which drags the film towards a downhill towards the climax.The film is a complete star in single screens but for multiplex it leaves up a question mark.

Shootout at Wadala torrent.


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