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A cop is forced into early retirement due to retinal damage. But after witnessing a bank robbery along with a female inspector - who believes he has acute senses - they team up in hope to solve the case. view Blind Detective on imdb view Blind Detective on wikipedia


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Review 1:

After 7 years waiting, Johnnie To finally successfully reunited Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau as a couple again, which with no doubt, worth the weight of fans' expectation. I personally is a big fan of Sammi Cheng since I was in junior school, she technically 'disappear' like about 5 or 6 years from Hong Kong entertainment with all the ups and downs of her life buzzing beneath paparazzi's papers. Just about when people getting to forget her voice and smile, she suddenly came back to life with eye-catching Blind Detective.

Being one of the top directors in Hong Kong showbiz, Johnnie To's definitely smart. He produced Drug War last year using Louis Koo and another mainland Chinese actor Sun Honglei as leading actors, which in my perspective, somehow lost the eye-catching element in the first place, though the story is not bad, and actually, it's really a nice film, even better than Blind Detective. Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau, the magic couple in screen lightening all chemistries between them on fire, make this film on the right track of being a huge success both in box office and in the acting itself.

Sammi Cheng plays her usual role- blur girl and effortlessly presenting a cute character, while Andy Lau jumps out of his comfort zone to play a retired blind detective who majors a foodie, instead of a disciplined police officer, both of them make the characters alive as requested. Though Andy Lau joins some other terrible films these years, such as Switch, this one isn't one of them. He totally deserves applause as much as he's in Running Out of Time and Infernal Affairs.

And I agree with other reviewers that the plot sag for this film is the unrequited love of Andy Lau towards the tango dancer who featured by mainland Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan, this scene is flavorless no matter how gorgeous Gao Yuanyuan is. I can understand why Johnnie To adds this arc as it's tailor-in for the mainland China market (the same reason using Guo Tao as the police officer, who is also from mainland China), however, I cannot deny the fact that these irrelevant characters dragged down the whole level of the film a little bit. As a fan of traditional Hong Kong production films, I really hate it that every single film has to have a mainland Chinese actor/actress nowadays, and the worst part is, almost every one of these characters seems to be ponderous, irrelevant, abrupt and if not for the marketing purpose, they will definitely not exist at all.

All in all, the film is good and above the average level, comparing to other films in the cinema which are completely nonsense to me.

Review 2:

Directed by Johnny To. Brilliant, hilarious and nerve wracking.

Everything gets thrown into the plot. Blind detective, betrayed by partner, teams up with a young female cop, a missing teenager, serial killers, a jilted woman, an on-screen birth, thrills and spills.

Hong Kong's Sherlock Holms. Depends on empathy rather than deduction.

As sharp as Zatoichi's blade.

Terrific performances by Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. Strong supporting cast.

I rarely give a rating of 8/10.

This is one film I can recommend.

Review 3:

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